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: Piercing-Dynasty.

[The foundational-contract that moves our bodies, our corporate-vessels, in which our thinking is contained-in, controlled by the paradigm of docking, is our birth-certificate, which docks us into this plane. We are then under the jurisdiction of this paradigm, this shipping-war.

In this theater, we operate by contracting through the use of our birth-certificate, without which, we cannot get an i.d card, a bank account, a driver’s license, a passport, or enroll in any activity that requires at least one form of i.d.

However, this system has been rendered null and void by: Russell-Jay: Gould. He also created a new system, known as the Quantum-Venue, it is set-up in place of the old system now, and to join it, one must first have a Claim Of The Life.

The Quantum-Venue has the capacity to move tangible-matter into a Now-Space-Position, giving each Claimant with a Claim Of The Life the capacity to control their own matter within the Buoy-System set-up by: Russell-Jay: Gould, who does not get in the way of what each claimant wants to do, as that is up by the condition of thinking of each one, to articulate this matter for a positive performance for mankind.

As of now, there are no legal or lawful functions in the correct-methods for those without a Claim Of The Life to state a claim or be taken seriously in any theater.

In the theater of the Now-Space, the Bearer of the Flag sets the terms of contract, the terms are in grammar, the grammar is the Correct-Sentence-Structure-Communication-Parse-Syntax-Grammar-Performance, also known as Quantum-Grammar; and due to this fact, all countries and corporations that are not operating within the correct style, with a Claim Of The Life and in the correct Quantum-Venue, are derelict, pirating and pillaging.

Each claimant has the duty of performing to manifest for their own space, with true sovereignty, and each claimant does this according to the degree that their comprehension permits at any given moment.

The old-system, with their birth-certificates and their dynasties, has been pierced.]