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: Russell-Jay: Gould.



While the world scratches its head with no solutions for why it, is as it is, and continues to crumble, getting pummeled by the corruption at every turn, and still yet other powerful people stay in the know but choose to continue the largest scam on the people in recent history, one man with a secret mission has been single-handedly combating 
evil for decades.

Sounding a bit like a super-hero story? Well it is!

In his latest documentary film, Last Flag Standing, 
Russell-Jay: Gould, brings the first part of closure to the world about the 2000 Florida Chads Scam, which marked the end of the United States of America, the end of the Bill of Rights and Constitution as we know it. As a result of the 3rd & Final US Bankruptcy of 1999, the US became yet again just another bankrupt corporation that lost it’s rights to own assets, however failed to re-up their status to own it’s nation lawfully. Instead of come clean, someone thought it would be a clever idea to keep the scam going that America still existed, especially since they never expected : Russell-Jay: Gould. to figure out the secret to legally capturing America by gaining copyrights to it’s Flag. Based on the very postal codes, flag mechanics and international laws “They” had been running on for centuries but which had expired at that time, Americans were wrong-led into deceptive path for what is now faster than ever becoming a global threat to humanity.

In this docu-film:
 Russell-Jay: Gould gives closure on some of his past performances for changing the fabric of the planet by being the last in-tact Flag on the planet, and bringing closure to the people about what has been done, what can be done moving forward, and how to save the planet from THE FICTION-WORLD.

In the movie we learn: Russell-Jay: Gould did many things with his capture of the Title 4 Flag and his mission to safeguard the planet. Besides predicting election-fraud for the 2000 American elections, he captured the position as its commander & Chief, and also registered as an independent nation with the United Nations postal administration, Interpol and Universal Postal Union in Switzerland, as well as syntaxed their charters and disqualified them under Quantum-Grammar to be able to operate in the now-space on the planet. He also contracted with the Vatican to command all militaries on Earth and run all banks in order to restore peace and safeguard the planet via his Quantum-Banking-Solutions. It is important to note here only a fraction of these secrets have been revealed in his first docu-series, Warcastles, and now more are being revealed in this film, Last Flag Standing.

There have been efforts by many to thwart his mission, such as by the FBI. Other amateurs with knowledge of the Grammar, have tried to mis-direct and wrong-lead the people, with their false claims and dis-honoring the copyrights of his flag. On the other hand, there are judges, key players and elites that honor the Chief’s system to this daybut are also waiting for the people to call Chief forward before committing to the changes.

A thankless, lone journey (and many feel-Divine Mission) : Russell-Jay: Gould, has upheld his position and many other lawfully obtained positions, such as, Postmaster-General of our World, Chief Judge of the US Supreme Court, Comptroller of the Global Currency, Sole-Owner & Creator of the Quantum System and Quantum Banking System, all that mystically and literally spearhead the grand un-doing of unlawful constructs of chaos and perpetrated by corrupt governments, global corporations, organizations and individual players- misaligned, that have no integrity, and are all for enslaving the people.

Those without Knowledge, ask, why isn’t he doing more? But those in the KNOW, get what he HAS DONE, IS DOING, and how it is NOT just up to him, rather it is up to the people to wake up and help him put his Quantum-system’s & solutions into place. For now we see most people would rather “go along” with the program of a ruleless society run by rogue militaries, fake governments and executive orders they created to protect themselves in court and beyond.

Last Flag Standing, connects the dots on the fraud and other atrocities that have occurred on our planet and brings forward : Russell-Jay: Gould, as our guide away from the nonsense of the “fiction movement” and into TRUTH, CORRECTNESS, HONOR & DIGNITY via his Quantum constructs and solutions.]